our range of services and performance profile

sonderkon1Our services fall into two categories: architectural metal construction and art metal forging. In both areas we put special emphasis on setting custom solutions and creative ideas into action. Our highly trained staff have brought astounding solutions to almost impossible projects – projects that have stumped others

metall1architectural/ structural metal construction

Our expertise in metal construction extends to all areas of architectural demands. On the right side of the page you find a selection of our services. Click on your choice and you will see a selection of our projects in that area.


From fence and gate systems (including automatic gates) to canopies, door systems, façades and windows, letterboxes, house numbers and doorbell/intercom panels (including custom-made solutions) and further to metal text, cladding and paneling, illuminated ceilings and casings for heating elements. Our main working materials in metal are steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum.

Other specialties are our extensive range of staircases, including spiral staircases – balustrades, handrailings and banisters with flat or curved glass panels or all-glass balustrades, custom handrailings and all other banisters and balustrades.

We are always eager for unusual new challenges regarding art and design projects, mediatecture, and the implementation of custom lighting systems..


startblacksmithing and art forge

In our business, the metal smiths are granted a special significance.
For many years this traditional part of our work – in which we are known as one of the few remaining certified apprenticeship programs in Germany – has made it possible for us to complete eminent restoration projects of historic and artistic worth, as well as to create aesthetic solutions for new fabrications in forged-metal craftsmanship.

restaur1A special challenge is the restoration of historic wrought-iron crafted work; often the original state of the work is hardly recognizable. After the restoration of historically protected monuments, subject to the protective regulations of the German cultural heritage protection laws, a worthwhile witness to the craft of past epochs is brought back to life. Depending on the challenge, and after consultation with the client, the architect and skilled craftsmen-conservators are able to preserve the historic elements, often reconstructed on the basis of only a few remaining traces of the original work.



Our specialists have amassed years of experience, as demonstrated by our impressive catalogue of historic restorations.