werk7we are training.

Every year we start two or three new apprentices in the craft of metalworking, specifically in the fields of metal construction design and forging.

The trainees learn a complete range of metal crafting skills in-house such as bronze forging, blacksmithing and coppersmithing, as well as metal construction expertise in steel, stainless steel, and brass.

The apprenticeship lasts 3.5 years and the training is 80% on-the-job. The location of our training facility is in Berlin-Kreuzberg on Lobeckstrasse.

If you’d like to apply, simply contact us by email. Then we will reply regarding openings. Usually, applications for the current year are accepted until April.

our address

stefan fittkau
metallbau + kunstschmiede gmbh

darßer bogen 1
13088 berlin

fon. +49 (0)30 · 92 09 01 01
fax. +49 (0)30 · 92 09 01 02
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